Spicy Tamarind Glazed Fried Chicken – Daily Cooking Quest by dailycookingquest.com

I hope you are not bored with my barrage or fried chicken recipes, because today I am going to share another variation of my trusted recipe with a Thai influence, the spicy tamarind glazed fried chicken. Thai wet tamarind I always stock my pantry with a packet of Thai wet tamarind, and a typical 14…

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black pepper, brown sugar, chicken, chicken thigh, cloves, fish, corn, fish sauce, garlic, lime, lime (juice), salt, sambal, tamarind, oil, water, sauce, pepper, cilantro, flour, scallions, rice, sugar, palm sugar, cloves garlic, lime juice, white pepper, tapioca, boneless, shallot, juice, sriracha, leaves, tapioca starch, starch

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