So Corny! Corn Chip Chicken Schnitzels with Garlic Crema & Two Corn Salad by

What to make when you’ve got a lot of corn chips left over from buying a large bag? They make a delicious chicken schnitzel coating keeping it super crunchy on the outside. You…

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avocado, chicken, chicken breast, chips, coriander, cornflour, cream, cumin, egg, corn, corn chips, garlic, lemon, lime, lime (juice), mayonnaise, paprika, salsa, salt, smoked, tomato, onion, oil, water, sauce, ground cumin, flour, green onion, eggs, clove garlic, chicken breasts, baby corn, lime juice, sour cream, ice, trim, breast, baking, fresh coriander, salad, zest, corn salad, juice, clove, brine, smoked paprika

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