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I am ashamed to say I have been meaning to publish this recipe since about 2015 which is rather embarrassing. I mean, everyone has a to do list but to write something up 3 years late is tardy even by my standards. I have no excuse really other than it just sat there in my …

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apple, beef, biscuits, black pepper, bread, buns, cake, cardamom, cherry, chicken, chicken breast, chilli, chilli powder, chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chopped tomatoes, cloves, coriander, cranberry, crumble, cumin, curry, egg, cardamom (pods), cumin seeds, garam masala, garlic, ginger, ham, lemon, mango, mint, pineapple, potato, salt, sweet potato, tomato (puree), tomatoes, turmeric, onions, tomato, oil, garlic cloves, finely, tomato puree, pepper, eggs, rice, ricotta, puff pastry, cookies, sugar, vegetable oil, tea, raspberry, pea, breast, baking, fresh coriander, hot cross buns, lasagne, pastry, pecan, pie, seeds, soup, spices, syrup, creme, ingredients, ground coriander, masala

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